Nai Family works in the alive fish business since 1920 and offers to the clients high quality services, improved during the years and its aim is to satisfy the most different demands with efficacy and punctuality.

The company is one of the biggest national operators for the supply of alive trout, sturgeons, carps, eels etc. to little lakes and sport fishing establishments .

The company is well-known for its seriousness and is different from the competition because of the „Nai method“: a way of product selection (goods check and choice in „farm“ rich of water) with the rapidity and professionalism of the carriage. All these things produce the quality service..
The company works with the following principal subjects:

  • Owners of sport fishing lakes;
  • Breeders and owners of valley;
  • Working centres.

Nai family assures all the clients:

Efficiency: it assures seriousness in the way of working and a large experience made during years in this activity;

Precision: it is very important for the company to provide all the clients the exact kind of requested fish, so it collaborates with providers who can offer fishes with different weight, to satisfy the different needs;

Week end availability: the company works all the week, with the possibility of delivery on Saturday and Sunday too, to answer better to the different needs of the customers.

Personal service: thanks to the long experience Nai company knows that different fishes are requested because of the different or particular destination (for example for the sport fishing or for breeders or fishers). So the company will provide exactly the kind and the quantity of the requested fish.

Direct relations: the customer has the possibility to have a direct relation with the company, which will carry out the different needs with engagement and attention.

Punctuality: the orders will be delivered in the established time.

The first offered services are:

  • Business and carriage for sport fishing lakes
  • Direct relation with breeders and owners of valley
  • Supply for working centres.

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